Remote Areas & Emergency Medical Coverage / Ambulance Rental – Abu Dhabi, UAE


In Abu Dhabi, UAE one of every three failed tasks for employees is caused by health or family problems, and this causes extra costs for the companies, especially if it operates outside their home country. In Capita Ambulance, we provide urgent medical care for workplace injuries to various industries through an ambulance team that is ready to respond to any emergency in Abu Dhabi; Where our team can develop Site-Specific Emergency Medical Response Plans (MERPs) that organize patient care from his worksite to his final care and back to work ensuring that the project is not interrupted or delayed; Where we develop effective modern treatment plans that ensure speedy recovery from injuries and worry about lost time from the project.


Features Of On-site Emergency Medical Services

  • Rapid response to pre-hospital care and safe transportation.
  • Ability to develop programs to modify the work environment.
  • We work closely with HSE project managers
  • We have patients records to make sure they receive medical treatment and are fit to work.
  • We provide preparation services for medical installations at construction sites.
  • Possibility of an emergency performance assessment and an onsite medical risk assessment.
  • We support lifestyle enhancement initiatives and healthy lifestyle programs for our patients.
  • Special training is available for employees to respond to emergencies.
  • We perform clinical examinations for staff such as glucose, cholesterol, and dehydration tests.

Fleet & Medical Staff Capabilities

Our medical staff is well trained to deal with different emergencies and all of them undergo BLS and ALC courses, also, our fleet includes 4×4 and 4×2 vehicles fully equipped with the latest medical equipment according to the Department of Health (DOH) – Abu Dhabi standards, including IVMS, Lights & Sirens, Resuscitation, Portable Oxygen, Defibrillator, Airway, Stretcher, Spine Board, Scoop Stretcher, Burns and Trauma Dressings.

At Capital Ambulance, we provide urgent medical care for workplace injuries in various industries in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our ambulances and staff are ready to respond to any emergency in the region, and set plans according to the site-specific Emergency Medical Response (MERPs) that organize patient care from worksite to final care till he’s back to work.



We provide medical care to remote areas on site mostly oil and gas fields which are commonly located in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi such as Al Dhafra, Al Rewais, Habshan, Bu Hasa, Qasweera, Sir Bani, Asab.

Many cases can be handled in the emergency medical services on site, including acute injuries, sudden health crises, poisoning, burns, severe bleeding, infectious diseases and more.

On-site emergency medical services can be relied upon for minor emergencies such as minor cuts, minor burns and bruises. Ambulance transport is however, in case of serious accidents or acute injuries.

Yes, it is possible to obtain emergency medical services at any time in the locations where our services operate around the clock, and are distinguished by providing immediate and effective care for patients.

The medical staff at Capital Ambulance have sufficient experience and high medical skills, as they are trained in first aid, initial treatment and management of critical medical cases. They must also be well trained in the use of emergency services medical equipment.                             

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