Capital Ambulance – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

A company specialized in the field of ambulance transport in Abu Dhabi, UAE that provides many distinguished medical solutions that keep pace with the health renaissance, the most important of which are ambulance transport services and pre-hospital care through an integrated fleet of advanced ambulances, trained medical teams, and experts in the field of ambulance transport which transport patients between hospitals and clinics or to the home, schools and large public events and to be fully present with the public or private sector in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Capital Ambulance provides integrated solutions of medical services that meet the requirements of individuals and companies through an integrated fleet of the latest ambulances, the best-trained staff, and the most skilled experts in the field of medical transportation and health care in Abu Dhabi, UAE which include:

 we provide special ambulance coverage for events in Abu Dhabi by specialized medical staff in accordance with the requirements, type and size of the covered event, which ensures participants' safety.

We provide urgent medical care for workplace injuries to various industries through an ambulance team ready to respond to any emergency; creating emergency response plans that organize patient care.

We provide medical transportation services in a safe and comfortable environment through our highly trained team and fully equipped ambulance vehicles with the latest medical equipment and technologies.

Emergency medical services in remote site locations such as Islands, Barges and Vessels. These services include basic health care, medical emergencies, medical tests, and disease and injury prevention.

Whatever the size of the health facility that you intend to establish in the Abu Dhabi, Capital Ambulance is at your service. We manage and license facilities from DOH to improve the quality of healthcare.

Due to the increasing need for healthcare professionals, providing them has become a major challenge. We provide you with the best healthcare professionals on a temporary or permanent basis.

At Capital Ambulance, we provide a variety of medical equipment, consumables, and medicines for health facilities and various laboratories in the Abu Dhabi. We have a strong network of suppliers in all cities.

Dedicated Professional Team

Our medical staff is highly professional and trained to serve you, as we can

  • Provide transportation 24/7
  • Medical transportation via land or air with the highest level of safety.
  • Provide integrated medical solutions according to the standards of DOH - Abu Dhabi
  • Fully equipped vehicles with the latest medical equipment.
  • Evaluate on-site medical risks and develop contingency plans.
  • Transfer patients who are distant from health centers.