Capital Ambulance – Abu Dhabi, UAE

A company specialized in the field of ambulance transport in Abu Dhabi, UAE and home healthcare that provides many distinguished medical solutions that keep pace with the health renaissance, the most important of which are ambulance transport services and pre-hospital care through an integrated fleet of advanced ambulances, trained medical teams, and experts in the field of ambulance transport which transport patients between hospitals and clinics or to the home, schools and large public events and to be fully present with the public or private sector in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Capital Ambulance provides integrated solutions of medical services that meet the requirements of individuals and companies through an integrated fleet of the latest ambulances, the best-trained staff, and the most skilled experts in the field of medical transportation and health care in Abu Dhabi, UAE which include:

Events Ambulance and Medical Coverage in Abu Dhabi | Capital Ambulance | UAE

We guarantee the provision of immediate medical care for various injuries and rapid intervention to save emergency medical cases with trained and equipped medical staff.

We provide urgent medical care for workplace injuries to various industries through our ambulance staff who is always ready to respond to any emergency in the region.

Patient Transportation Services in Abu Dhabi | Patient Transport | Drop Off and Pick Up to Airport | Patient Transfer | Capital Ambulance | United Arab Emirates UAE.

Medical transportation services are offered by Capital Ambulance in a secure, organized manner. We are prepared and skilled to manage a range of patient transportation situations.

Qualified medical personnels educated in first assessment, treatment, stabilization, monitoring, resuscitation disposition, along with cutting-edge emergency medical equipment.

Setup, license and manage first aid posts and clinics in projects in remote locations and areas in accordance with the Department of Health's standards.

We provide health care staff for hospitals, medical centers, home care, institutions, companies and private sectors on a temporary or permanent basis.

At Capital Ambulance, we provide all the basic and advanced life support equipment, medical consumables, and pharmaceutical supplies.


With the most recent technology available, Capital Ambulance offers home health care services throughout Dubai, whether you are a resident or a visitor staying in a hotel.


We at Capital Ambulance are aware that a doctor may be needed at any time, and our On-Call Doctors service is available to anyone visiting or staying in a hotel in Dubai.

Dedicated Professional Team

Our medical staff is highly professional and trained to serve you, as we can

  • Provide transportation 24/7
  • Medical transportation via land or air with the highest level of safety.
  • Provide integrated medical solutions according to the standards of DOH - Abu Dhabi
  • Fully equipped vehicles with the latest medical equipment.
  • Evaluate on-site medical risks and develop contingency plans.
  • Transfer patients who are distant from health centers.