Who We Are (About Us) – Capital Ambulance Abu Dhabi, UAE

Capital Ambulance is a specialized Ambulatory Transportation Company established in 2018 by experienced healthcare professionals in Abu Dhabi, UAE due to the current gap in the market in terms of the quality of medical services, Capital Ambulance has provided many distinctive medical solutions that keep pace with the health renaissance, the most important of which are ambulance transport services and pre-hospital care through an integrated fleet of advanced ambulances, trained staff and specialized experts in the field of ambulance transport. The company also provides ambulance site and event coverage services.

  • Providing distinguished pre-hospital care according to international protocols to the public and private sectors through qualified and trained medical staff
  • Achieving excellent and continuous development in the field of medical transportation
  • Providing innovative solutions for ambulance transport and medical care
  • Build a large customer base all over Abu Dhabi and the UAE
  • Providing land, air, and sea ambulance services for the benefit of various industries and events, especially the oil and electricity sector, mining and gas quarries, factories, and companies concerned with the health and safety of their workers


To deliver the best quality pre-hospital care and medical services by professional staff who is well-trained on the best clinical guidelines guidelines in Abu Dhabi, UAE for the wellbeing of the whole community.


To be a leading service provider for pre-hospital and medical services in the United Arab Emirates and to be the leading provider of pre-hospital and medical services in the UAE through our high quality and sustainable ambulatory services.

CEO Message

I am pleased to welcome you as the CEO of Capital Ambulance on behalf of our medical and paramedics staff who work together to provide the best services in the field of ambulance transportation in the UAE. Nowadays, with the growing need for emergency and public safety sector ambulances, private companies had to enter the field of medical transport to lessen the pressure on them, and this is what prompted us to establish Capital Ambulance, which was the first choice for many individuals and companies. Our company started with a small number of ambulances and a trained staff then evolved over time and the ambulances increased to become a large fleet of ambulances and our services developed to include a wide package of pre-hospital care solutions and our family grew to include a large number of doctors, paramedics, nurses, and other staff who provide the highest level of care for patients and their families. We always strive to serve a wide range of patients, from transporting bedridden to patients who need to go from home to health institutions or from airports to home, or who need medical follow-up during transportation or who suffer from bed sores, to cover events and work sites and other services related to ambulance transport that keep pace with the health renaissance and the needs of individuals and companies.

I would like to thank all those who put their trust in our services and we promise them to be trustworthy and to provide exceptional care in accordance with national standards in quality and safety to gain your satisfaction. Thank you, without you, we would never reach what we are now.

We are happy to serve you, do not hesitate to request our special services at any time You have all my thanks and gratitude

Bassem Al Azawi
Chief Executive Officer

CEO Mr. Bassem