Offshore Medical Services – Abu Dhabi, UAE


Capital Ambulance offers Off-Shore Emergency Medical Services in Remote Site Locations such as Islands, Barges, Rigs and Vessels. These services include basic health care, medical emergencies, routine health check-ups, medical tests, and disease and injury prevention.

Capital Ambulance provides marine medical services in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Department of Health (DOH) – Abu Dhabi by qualified doctors, nurses and paramedics who are specialized and trained to work in these areas and are equipped with the best advanced emergency medical care equipment to ensure the safety of workers in remote marine areas.


Why choose Capital Ambulance?

We as Capital Ambulance, a DOH licensed healthcare provider that follows high quality standards of Abu Dhabi and around the world.

  • Licensed by Department of Health (DOH) – Abu Dhabi.
  • Our team consists of Licensed Nurses, EMTs,Paramedics and Doctors.
  • We are backed up by more than 200 Licensed Medical Professionals and we are as well supported by an Elite Operations Team.

Off-Shore Medical Services in Abu Dhabi includes:

  • Pre-employment medical examination: efore workers are allowed to work on site, they undergo a medical examination to ensure they are fit for work.
  • Emergency Response Planning: Emergency response plans to deal with medical emergencies are prepared on site.
  • Training: Training all personnel on site in first aid and emergency response procedures.
  • Evacuation and transportation: In the event of a medical emergency, workers are quickly evacuated and taken to a medical facility for further treatment.
  • Emergency transportation: Critical medical cases are transferred to the nearest medical facilities to deal with.
  • Health Promotion and Prevention: We promote health and prevent disease by providing preventive health care services, such as immunizations, health education, and health screenings.
  • Occupational health monitoring: The health of workers should be monitored regularly to identify and manage occupational health risks.


Do You Require Healthcare Coverage On Your Offshore Site?

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