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Healthcare staff is a vital part of the system of any health institution, but due to the increasing need for qualified healthcare professionals, recruitment of healthcare staff has become a major challenge for various health facilities, especially after the COVID-19 era, government agencies, schools, industrial sectors, and other organizations in Abu Dhabi. As we, at Capital Ambulance, are committed to finding innovative solutions to health challenges, we provide the best healthcare staff according to your different needs. This service provides a vital link between healthcare facilities and qualified healthcare professionals. It offers a range of staffing solutions to hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities after carefully understanding the different requirements and needs of patients and health institutions.

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Healthcare Staffing Services clients

We provide healthcare Staffing Services for a wide range of health facilities, most important of which are:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Health Centers
  • Health Organizations
  • Nursing Homes


Healthcare Staffing Services provide an effective solution for health institutions. These solutions and benefits include

  • Reducing pressure on health institutions that face a shortage of highly qualified and experienced healthcare cadres
  • Providing the best, experienced, competent and qualified healthcare staff to meet the needs of patients and health institutions
  • Possibility of continuous training and development of healthcare personnel; To be able to provide the best possible service to patients.
  • Improving healthcare quality and increasing efficiency in providing health services
  • Handling all aspects of the staffing process, including recruitment, training, and onboarding, saving time and resources.
  • Help reduce costs for health institutions.


There are several types of healthcare staffing services, and each type of staffing service has its unique benefits as mentioned on the below:

  • Temporary staffing is ideal for healthcare facilities that require temporary staff to cover short-term staffing shortages or unexpected leave of absence of their employees.
  • Direct-hire staffing is suitable for healthcare facilities that are looking for permanent employees for long-term positions.
  • Seasonal staffing is an option for healthcare facilities that require staff for a specific duration, such as during peak seasons or for special projects.
  • Per diem staffing provides healthcare facilities with flexible, on-call staff to cover staffing shortages as needed.


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