Request Private Ambulance in UAE: Safety and Security in the Medical Care Journey
General   2023-11-05

Request Private Ambulance in UAE: Safety and Security in the Medical Care Journey

Healthcare is moving towards achieving maximum speed and efficiency, and ambulances play a crucial role in this context. In UAE, requesting ambulances is easy and contributes to improving healthcare while ensuring the speed and safety of medical transport.

Our company is dedicated to delivering the best and innovating in the field of healthcare and support services. Our services rely on the latest technologies and the highest medical standards to ensure the provision of high-quality healthcare and safety for patients.

Whether you need safe patient transportation or want to enhance emergency services, ambulance leasing from Capital Ambulance provides a comprehensive and tailored solution. In this blog, we will uncover the significance of this service and how it can harmonize safety and security to achieve an ambitious vision for the future development of healthcare in UAE.

Advantages of Ambulance Services in Abu Dhabi from Capital Ambulance

Ambulance services are essential for many patients and their families in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Capital Ambulance provides fully equipped ambulances to meet the needs of patients, ensuring their safe and efficient transport from home to the hospital. The company is committed to providing necessary healthcare for patients and improving their quality of life through reliable medical services.

Capital Ambulance is dedicated to meeting the needs of all patients and clients, including those suffering from obesity, kidney dialysis patients, and bedridden individuals. The company offers specially designed ambulances for the transportation of overweight individuals, ensuring their comfort and safety during transport.

We can assist you in creating a customized solution that fits your requirements, whether it's short-term ambulance services to cover emergencies or long-term for a purpose-designed vehicle tailored to your individual needs. Capital Ambulance can provide an alternative solution that aligns with your budget.

We specialize in providing our clients with a comprehensive service package that includes highly qualified doctors, drivers, and other first aid equipment in emergency situations. The company ensures a rapid response and easy access to ambulances, reducing the pressure on hospitals and other medical facilities.

Steps to Request Ambulance Service in UAE from Capital Ambulance:

  1. Call the designated ambulance service number in UAE.
  2. Provide case details, such as the location, patient's name, and contact information.
  3. Receive the information by the control room.
  4. Relay the information to the ambulance team.
  5. Dispatch the ambulance to the emergency location.
  6. Assess the severity of the case and provide initial medical aid.
  7. Transport the patient to the nearest healthcare facility or hospital.
  8. Hand over the case to the healthcare facility or hospital.

These steps ensure the necessary medical care is received quickly and effectively.

Booking an ambulance in UAE

Ambulance services in UAE are available from Capital Ambulance in various cities and regions, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and more. Ambulance services are professionally provided through a trusted network of ambulance transport service providers.

Capital Ambulance is highly recommended for its quality and excellent reputation in the field. They offer patient transport services with the highest level of professionalism, ensuring the safety and comfort of patients during transportation. To request ambulance services, please click here.

You can request an ambulance for a variety of reasons, including:

1. Transporting patients from the hospital to their homes after recovery or vice versa.

2. Transporting Intensive Care Unit (ICU) cases between hospitals or from the hospital to the patients' homes and vice versa.

3. Transporting incoming travelers from the airport to their homes or any other location, as well as transporting passengers from their homes to the airport.

4. Providing ambulance and healthcare services during public events and gatherings, such as sports matches and concerts.

5. Transporting premature babies from the hospital to their homes after a period of treatment and care in their specialized unit.

Regardless of the reasons, ambulances from Capital Ambulance are available to meet healthcare and medical needs in various scenarios.

What is the cost of booking an ambulance in UAE?

The cost depends on several factors, including the type of service, distance, duration, and additional services. Capital Ambulance offers special discounts to its customers and stands out for the ease of requesting services, diverse ordering methods, and payment options.

You can contact us to inquire about our services and request them through:

  1. Phone: You can directly reach out to Capital Ambulance by calling +971 2 444 1266 (Office)
  2. Website: You can submit a request by visiting our website HERE
  3. Email: Feel free to send an email with details of your needs to
  4. Visit in Branch: Alternatively, you can also visit Capital Ambuance's office at 2nd Floor, Makeen Tower – Al Mawkib St - Al Zahiyah - Abu Dhabi, UAE. Office hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday through Friday