Onsite Emergency Medical Coverage in UAE
Onsite-emergency   2023-11-05

Onsite Emergency Medical Coverage in UAE

In the rapidly advancing industrial landscape of UAE, on-site emergency healthcare services have become crucial for maintaining the health of employees and workers in those locations. These services play a vital role by providing effective and prompt responses to emergencies in diverse work environments, thereby enhancing the safety of employees and minimizing the impact of injuries on their health.

Capital Ambulance stands out as a leading company in the field of medical care and emergency response, committed to delivering immediate healthcare at the highest level. Our excellence in this regard relies on having a specialized medical team, utilizing modern and advanced medical equipment, and making every effort to promote an advanced healthcare vision, providing effective primary, emergency, and therapeutic care services at various workplaces and projects.

Our services reflect our strong commitment to enhancing the safety of workers, aligning with the standards set by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, and adhering to high-quality standards that align with both local and international standards. We aim to build safe and healthy work environments that represent the optimal balance between productivity and comprehensive care.

How to respond to emergencies in the workplace

Being well-prepared for emergencies in any workplace is vital and requires effective knowledge on how to act when they occur. Emergencies can involve diverse situations, such as fires or health emergencies requiring immediate attention. Having a proper understanding of how to respond to emergencies is crucial to prevent injuries or mitigate life-threatening risks, ensuring the protection of employees and other individuals in the workplace.

In the event of an emergency, providing first aid to the patient or injured person and promptly seeking medical assistance if needed are essential. Rapid response includes obtaining medical assistance and providing first aid if you are trained to do so, and it is crucial that the injured person is transported to a safe location first, then contact the emergency response team.

Having an effective communication plan for emergencies is also imperative, with regular communication with employees regarding the details and execution of the emergency plan. Employees should be familiar with how to obtain information and the necessary steps to take during emergencies to ensure a prompt and effective response.

Description of Capital Ambulance's Onsite Emergency Medical Services

Capital Ambulance provides a range of essential medical services in workplace and remote locations, featuring the following key attributes:

  1. Rapid Intervention and Response:

Capital Ambulance provides immediate and efficient care during emergency situations. We ensure safe transportation for critical medical cases, reducing the impact of accidents and improving survival chances.

  1. Around-the-Clock Coverage:

Our medical services are available 24/7, ensuring care is provided at all times and under any circumstances.

  1. Risk Assessment, Case Management, and Provision of First Aid:

Assessing medical risks at the workplace, taking necessary actions, providing first aid in cases of minor injuries, and efficiently managing critical health conditions.

  1. Workplace Environment Modification and Employee Training Programs:

Developing programs to modify the work environment for employee safety, supporting lifestyle improvement initiatives and corporate health programs, and conducting periodic training for employees on how to respond to emergencies, ensuring their full readiness to handle emergency situations.

  1. Effective Communication with Employees and Collaboration with Health and Safety Departments:

Establishing regular communication with employees regarding emergency plans and collaborating with workplace health and safety managers to enhance safety and improve the work environment, evaluating service performance, and enhancing employees' lifestyles.

  1. Providing Medical Care in All Regions of UAE and Remote Sites:

Comprehensive coverage of services throughout UAE, delivering medical care in remote industrial locations, such as oil and gas fields.

  1. Offering Comprehensive Medical Services:

Providing integrated healthcare for employees of all age groups at workplaces in both the private and public sectors and offering tailored solutions that balance productivity and comprehensive care.


These features position Capital Ambulance's workplace emergency services at the forefront of healthcare and emergency response.

Why should you choose Capital Ambulance for emergency medical care at your work sites?

Capital Ambulance takes pride in its excellent reputation in the field of healthcare and efficiently managing emergency cases, adhering to internationally agreed-upon standards. The medical and emergency team excels in effective coordination to provide high-quality care promptly. Capital Ambulance also offers long-term medical support in various locations, with qualified medical teams and equipped emergency vehicles. This support extends to various types of sites, including public and private organizations, large and small companies, public places, secure locations, sites with continuous high visitor counts, industrial projects in remote areas, or maritime facilities. This ensures a sense of security for site managers and employees.

In conclusion, workplace safety is of utmost importance, and being prepared for emergencies and knowing how to deal with them by assessing the situation, providing first aid, establishing emergency communication plans, and conducting regular emergency drills is crucial. This enables employees to help prevent and reduce the severity of injuries and protect themselves and others in the workplace.

To request Capital Ambulance Services, you can contact us by:

  1. Phone: You can directly reach out to Capital Ambulance by calling +971 2 444 1266 (Office)
  2. Website: You can submit a request by visiting our website HERE
  3. Email: Feel free to send an email with details of your needs to info@capitalambulance.ae
  4. Visit in Branch: Alternatively, you can also visit Capital Ambuance's office at 2nd Floor, Makeen Tower – Al Mawkib St - Al Zahiyah - Abu Dhabi, UAE. Office hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday through Friday