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Capital Ambulance Home Health Care Services

As health services have evolved in Dubai, a range of services was introduced that changed the overall concept of health services in the United Arab Emirates, One of the most important of these services is home health care services.

We used to believe that health services were only offered in hospitals and clinics in Dubai, but with the concept of home health care, your home became your own hospital.

Capital Ambulance provides home health care services all over Dubai, whether you are a resident or a visitor and staying in a hotel by using the latest technology. These services have had significant benefits for patients, including:

  • Reducing hospital stays for people with chronic diseases.
  • Reducing the infection rate as the hospital environment is full of infectious diseases.
  • Increasing patients' feeling of safety and comfort in their homes.
  • Reducing treatment costs for patients.
  • Reducing time and effort by using the latest technical means.
  • Transfer the patient quickly to the hospital in an emergency.

Post-Surgical Care

Post-surgical care is a crucial component of the path of recovery, so we at Capital Ambulance Dubai Branch provide for Dubai residents and visitors this unique service to patients after they have undergone any surgical intervention, to reduce the risk of complications after surgery and to speed up the recovery process. We provide you with a specialized nurse in your home, thus if you are a Dubai Resident or a Visitor in a Hotel; To provide you with the care that depends on the type of surgery you will undergo as well as your health history, and this care begins immediately after surgery and continues until we ensure your complete safety from any health complications.


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